About Us

Nepali School in New Jersey began offering classes on September 18th 2010. This is first of a kind Nepali School in New Jersey offering Nepali Language and Cultural classes to children ages from 4 to 14. Classes are held at Bridgewater and run most Sundays from September to May.

Nepali School of NJ is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an environment to all children interested in learning Nepali language and culture. The mission of Nepali school is to provide Nepali Language and Cultural classes every year for our community in New Jersey. School focuses on making learning fun so that students look forward to every class and benefit from the lessons.

Nepali School is run by volunteer parents of the children who are enrolled in classes. Each year one parent volunteers to be the School Operation coordinator and another parent volunteers as Classroom coordinator. The School Operation coordinator focuses on overall operation, structure development and continuity of the school. Classroom coordinator focuses on weekly class operation, program development, parents, teacher and students’ coordination and communications. Along with support from all parents of the School, we are also supported by Friends of Nepal – New Jersey (www.fonnj.org), which represents the Nepali Community in NJ.

For more information on Nepali School – New Jersey please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it